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Interview with Gothika


Перевод интервью

Gothika band 

On 15.09.09 world-famous dark electro band Gothika came to our city. Using the chance Gothic.zp.ua Chief Editor interviewed them. The questions were about Gothika band creative activity, musicians’ esthetic views and many other things. Sure we were also glad to wonder which Electronic Components Company services they prefer.    

Gothic.zp.ua: Hello. I know you are form Japan and in Japanese culture we had a strong collision of traditional and modern art in XX century. What is the situation now? What is your side in the struggle?

Andro: Yes we really have two sides of the art. But we, Japanese, it’s my personal opinion, don’t separate. Don’t feel conflict between these types of art. As for me, I don’t belong to any side.

Gothic.zp.ua: You have your own unique position and from the position you, I mean Gothika band, see the struggle, haven’t you? 

Yoshiki: No we haven’t. I think we are on the modern side but we use traditional side as well.

Gothic.zp.ua: At your performances in Russia in Germany if I’m not mistaken you used traditional dresses. Are they a symbol or just a scene image?

Andro: This is good approach to express our sound visual point.

Gothic.zp.ua: Is it so female? Is it female in its concept?

Andro: Yes. We are androgens.

Gothic.zp.ua: Are androgen the thing of esthetics?

Andro: Yes. For normal people it is.

Gothic.zp.ua: What is the line between dark and Gothic music in your opinion?

Andro: It’s very delicate question. Now we live in Germany. In Germany they have a long history of dark music.  People are quite strict for Gothic and Industrial electronic music. In my opinion the most famous Gothic country is Germany. I can’t categorize each genre. But some people include electronic music to Gothic music and some people don’t include electronic music to Gothic music. I think it’s difficult to separate the notions. This kind of music is for young people. I think electronic and Gothic music are merged together.

Gothic.zp.ua: I see you perform electronic music and dark music. Why have you chosen Romantic way of singing? And Romantic images in your lyrics?

Andro: Nazareth, Depeche Mode and The Cure influenced me. This is the way of singing I prefer.

Gothic.zp.ua: You have a lot of different images from Japanese culture in Western European culture they are: Japanese swords, Sakura, different codex, martial arts. As for me Japan is not so limited. What is Japan for you?

 Yoshiki: It’s our national flag. Rising sun.

Gothic.zp.ua: In Ukrainian and Russian Gothic Subcultures we have a lot of addresses to Chernobyl Accident. I know that a real tragedy of Japanese people is bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What about demonstration and thinking it over in the creative activity of Japanese bands and in your creative activity.

Andro: I have some friends from Hiroshima. Every year in August 6 they prey and they never forget about past events. 

Gothic.zp.ua: Do they prey as Buddhists? What is religion for you? Do you belong to traditional or not traditional religion?

Andro: They are Buddhist and Shinto. But I’m not religious personally. I think almost all people in Japan are not so religious comparing to those from the other Asian countries.

Yoshiki: I’m not religious so deeply.

Andro: I think Japanese are not so peaceful.

Gothic.zp.ua: I know you are preparing new album. Will it be different from that you’ve produced last?

Andro: The main difference is the concept. It’s about war, some kind of fighting.

Gothic.zp.ua: Will it be about futuristic or traditional fighting?

Andro: It depends on each song.

Gothic.zp.ua: Do you prefer pompous scene shows or not?

Andro: Yes.

Gothic.zp.ua: You are travelling much which country you like the most and why?

Yoshiki: Hungary. I like the audience. Its attitude to the music.

Gothic.zp.ua: What does inspire you?

Andro: Sex.

Gothic.zp.ua: What are the plans for near future?

Andro: Next month we release our new album and we are going to play in many countries. In the farther future I want original existence on the underground scene.

Vasyl Cothurnatus

Source: Zaporizhzhian Gothic Portal

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