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Interview with Gothic Tea Society mistress


Перевод интервью

Gothic Tea Society has one of the best Gothic Blogs in the world. We obtained an interview with Wednesday Black (GTS Mistress) to understand what could be the reasons of the success.

Gothic.zp.ua: When you’ve understood Gothic is yours?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): Since I was a little girl I have been attracted to darker aesthetics. Cemeteries, Skeletons, and other things that most people consider creepy.

Gothic.zp.ua: What was your reason to organize Gothic Tea Society?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): I began The Gothic Tea Society as a blog of my own macabre interests. As the blog picked up followers, it became a place to bring together people in the Gothic community. The internet allows Goths from all over the world to share ideas, fashion, music, and much more. I enjoy being able to share with other Goths this way.

Gothic.zp.ua: Why have you decided to call your society “Gothic Tea Society”?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): The Gothic Tea Society was the next step from a Yahoo group that I took over that was called The Los Angeles Gothic Womens Tea Society.

Gothic.zp.ua: What is the mission of the society?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): The Gothic Tea Society is a place to explore Gothic culture. We also promote Gothic artists and events worldwide.

Gothic.zp.ua: What does “Haute Obscuria” mean?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): It means Highly Obscure. My husband came up with the term. The Gothic Community is still relatively small the world over, we are a very unique sort of people.

Gothic.zp.ua: Is Gothic aestetics or a lifestyle for you?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): Both. Attraction to certain sorts of `dark` art, literature, architecture, fashion, film, etc is what initially attracted me as a child to what is now called `Gothic`. Of the two, the aesthetic is what most Goths share an attraction for, while the lifestyle can differ greatly for Goths depending on age, location and circumstance.

Gothic.zp.ua: Is your society study of Gothic aesthetics mainly based on research of the Gothic atmosphere?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): Not so much research, as input from Goths from all over the world. On our Facebook page for instance, I am always inviting GTS members to send in things that they like. Fashion, Events, Stories etc. so I can post about them.

Gothic.zp.ua: Why have you made the society international?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): The Gothic Tea Society followers are the ones that made it international by following the blog. I would not have excluded anyone, since despite speaking different languages, all Goths share certain appreciations for dark aesthetics. Goths from many different places found GTS and have been kind enough to be supportive of it.

Gothic.zp.ua: As an international society mistress have you seen any difference in attitude to the Gothic among people from different parts of the world?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): As with any small sub culture there are always those who fear what they don`t understand. The more conservative a country, or even a city is, the less tolerance they usually have toward anything `different`.

Here in the United States, there are still places where one would likely be labeled a `Devil worshiper` simply for wearing black all the time. In Los Angeles where I live, most people do not pay too much attention unless they see lots of Goths in one place at the same time, like at Bat`s Day at Disneyland.

Gothic.zp.ua: Who are the contributors of the society?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): Aside from Myself, The main contributors are Annie - who also reviews horror movies for a living, Angelina- who gives us a younger Goth view, Evil Lily- artist and seamstress extraordinaire, Sully- Our wonderful Heathen. We also have another Wendy, Kris, Terry and Chelsea. I am always open to guest bloggers from the Gothic community. Anyone interested can send me an email to gothicteasociety@yahoo.com and tell me about themselves.

Gothic.zp.ua: Why does your site tell so much about Helloween topic ?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): Halloween is one of my favorite things so I have posted quite a bit about it. Aside from that, every year The Gothic Tea Society enters several Blog Tours for the 31 Days of Halloween. One of the requirements is that you post daily, and as many Halloween related things as possible. So the posting frequency is usually higher in October.

Gothic.zp.ua: Why do you like vintage Gothic things so much?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): The study of History is an interest of mine, so finding historical references that fit my personal Gothic genre is always a pleasant discovery and something I am likely to post about.

Gothic.zp.ua: Are you a Gothic designer? If yes could you tell us about your best works.

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): Not really. I am a part time artist and have things available for sale in my Etsy shop which is accessible from the GTS site.

Gothic.zp.ua: How many dark and Gothic blogs do you have?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): Aside from The Gothic Tea Society, I have a Photography blog called November Obscura which can be found at http://novemberobscura.blogspot.com/ and also my personal blog called Wednesday`s Attic which can be found at http://wednesdaysattic.blogspot.com/

Gothic.zp.ua: Your main website has a few best blogger awards. Could you share your winning secret with us?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): I am very honored by those awards that were given by readers who enjoy the GTS blog. I think the unique and eclectic posts by all the GTS contributors would be the `wining secret`.

Gothic.zp.ua: Do you know something about Gothic subculture in CIS? If yes what is your mind abut it?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): No I am sorry I do not. But I would very much like to feature any events, fashion or stories that you or your readers from the Commonwealth would care to share. I am sure that GTS readers would find such posts very interesting.

Gothic.zp.ua: What do you think about cyber-goths?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): Cyber-goth is just one expression. Within the Gothic sub culture there are a thousand combination`s. Personally I do not judge anybody`s choice of expression.

Gothic.zp.ua: Who are the most cult people in Gothic culture?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): Well, The word cult refers to a group whose beliefs or practices are considered strange. To many non Gothic people, the fashion practices of all Goths are considered strange, yet I wouldn`t call any a cult. In modern sensibilities a cult usually has a charismatic leader who is worshiped as supreme. While there are some more well known Gothic persons, I would not consider them worshiped by Goths.

Gothic.zp.ua: Your blog is almost all about death as well as Gothic subculture. What is your personal attitude to death?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): Death rituals and practices across cultures are a personal interest, so yes I post such things when I find them. I also photograph and post about cemeteries quite a bit. But to me cemeteries aren`t as much about death as they are about history, art, beauty and love. My photography blog has mostly cemetery photographs because they are my favorite subject in art. I love skeletons, but also don`t think of them as `death`. Have you ever seen anything happier than a skeleton? They are ALWAYS smiling! My personal attitude is that Death is a part of the natural cycle, and eventually we will all be there.

Gothic.zp.ua: Should aesthetic culture have any influence on a person’s world-view?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): That would be up to the individual. My personal aesthetic consists of many trappings that I am aware make most people uncomfortable. They find them morbid, creepy and dark in some negative way. Yet, my personal outlook is positive and happy. I am also a morning person which makes it hard to fit into that dark and gloomy, stay up all night Gothic stereotype.

Gothic.zp.ua: Is Gothic a subculture of single individualist people or a dark mass subculture?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): Like any social sub culture there develop individual and group dynamics. So you end up with Vampire-Goths, Steampunk-Goths, Cyber Goths, etc, etc. How each person finds their fit in the whole thing is an individual choice.

Gothic.zp.ua: Can you tell us a couple of Gothic jokes?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): I don`t know any, and the ones found on the internet are based on extreme stereotypes. For example: You might be a Goth if- the shade of powder you wear is called "Sheet Of Paper" You might be a Goth if- you wear long, velvet coats in the middle of summer (oh wait. . I have!)

Gothic.zp.ua: What would you wish to our readers?

Wednesday Black (Gothic Tea Mistress): A most enchanted life! You are all welcomed at The Gothic Tea Society

Vasyl Cothurnatus

Source: Zaporizhzhian Gothic Portal

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